Monday, 31 July 2017

The 5 Cardinal Rules of Social Entrepreneurship

Some of us fancy corporate jobs, some of us dream of employment stability, some of us are go-getters with gypsy hearts and then there are a bunch of us who find our calling in changing the world. While it is a daunting task, it is immensely gratifying as well. Most of us learn the tricks of the trade through formal training or hearsay, but what no one tells us are the obvious things – those that we learn only through experience. In our 17 long years, we at Advitya have learned things the hard way - we’re glad that we did – and it is our duty to share them with those who wish to embark upon a road less traveled. Here we enlist the 5 cardinal rules of social entrepreneurship.

1. Have a specific goal. It may be tempting to try your hand at multiple causes at once but that will only lead to diffusion of your focus and motivation. 

2. Pick something that matters a lot to you. If you are looking to build something that really matters, it is really important to be single minded in your pursuit. That is possible only when you truly care about the cause and are willing to go through hell to make it work.

3. Get all your legal work and registrations done. Having good intentions is necessary but not sufficient to bring about a social change. A good company is built on a robust system. Therefore it is imperative that you get your legal and managerial matters into order.

4. Take criticism constructively. Understand that this is a thankless job for the most part. The world is full of armchair activists who will always have an opinion. Hear them out with an open mind, pick the good apples and leave the rest to rot. 

5. Don't be in your own way. Remember that your personal desires will always be outweighed by the welfare of your company/firm/centre. Keep the bigger picture in mind and never let the whims and egos of individuals obfuscate your ultimate vision. Know what matters

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