Saturday, 5 August 2017


It has been our experience at Advitya, that whenever we are graced with a gratuitous visit from some curious souls, they never leave without a hopeful smile and an overwhelming urgency to feel grateful for the wonderful gift of life. That, without a doubt, has to be the answer to the well-intended question we get asked frequently: What motivates you to keep doing a thankless job, often riddled with severe hurdles?

Therefore, naturally, whenever we receive letters from our visitors recounting their experience with us and how it was almost transcendental to see the world through the lens of a special person, we feel as though every hurdle on the way was worth it. We can't thank those enough who keep rejuvenating our love for what we do and express solidarity with our cause. Words truly do possess the power to change the life of people, if not the world itself.

Recently, we received a heartfelt letter written by Anita Mascarenhas in which she wrote meticulously about her day with the students of Advitya. She came here along with a group of well-wishers from Johnson & Johnson as a part of a CSR program. In the letter we received via email, she writes, "We all had a very humbling and an amazing experience which has filled our hearts with gratitude for the simple things in life that we usually overlook."  

We sincerely thank Anita and her team for choosing to spend their precious time with our students. Nobody can know how far reaching are the ripples of love and friendship in our lives. All we can do is keep initiating them.

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