Thursday, 28 September 2017


Diwali, the time of the year we all wait for so eagerly, is around the corner! As you prepare for this grand season of sweets and festivities, we encourage you to consider shopping at an NGO. Here are some of the reasons why buying NGO-made products will illuminate your celebrations beyond your expectations:

The magic ingredients: Products made at NGOs are made with special effort and care. They are not merely artefacts up for sale but tokens of love and gratitude for the kindness bestowed upon them by their well-wishers and supporters.

Unique charm: Unlike factory-made merchandise, these products hand-made. And just like the humans who create them, each piece is different and has a charm of its own.

Reliability: A NGO is based on the foundation of timeless human values like empathy, integrity and solidarity. Therefore, providing you with the highest quality of products will be a priority.

Illuminating actual lives: The revenue collected from your support goes directly to the beneficiaries, ensuring that the very people who create the products are empowered and not some third-party or agent. Meanwhile, you get to use a finely refined commodity that adds value to your life.

Tangibly changing Lives: By using products made at an NGO, you support communities that are usually socially/economically/intellectually challenged. You boost their morale and allow them to create an environment where they can prove their worth to the rest of the world. 

A Force of Good: When you support an NGO, you also encourage people around you to widen their horizons. Remember every good action you perform cascades into a butterfly effect, the power of which transcends the sum of its parts.

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