Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A Fresher's Best Bet

One of the main questions we all face in our lives, especially the young among us, is “What kind of job is really worth spending my time and effort on?” While the answer to this question may be subjective, we have compiled a list of reasons why working at an NGO will be a perfect start to your career and future life.

1. Will over Experience: At an NGO, your devotion to the cause and your willingness to work towards it matters more than your experience. Passion will be rewarded.

2. Responsibility: Working for an upcoming NGO will inevitably put you in a position of responsibility. Your work will seriously matter to the organization, not to mention the copious amount of lessons you will learn.

3. Opportunity to build a network: You are bound to meet a lot of talented and driven people at an NGO. Working and networking with them will open up tremendous opportunities for you in the future.

4. The Sweet Struggle: Working at an NGO is challenging. You will be forced out of your comfort zone, and by doing so, build confidence and become a better communicator in a relatively short span of time.

5. Directly affect lives: At an NGO, you will be changing lives for the better, literally. Progress will no longer be an abstract term. Working at an NGO will keep you at your happiest because a better world would be building before your own eyes and you will be one of its architects.

6. Humane Work Conditions: The very basis of an NGO is to show respect and love towards our common Humanity. Unlike the exploitative corporate environment, your uniqueness will be valued by those around you.

7. Launchpad for a great future: While it may be true that the pay here is not always the greatest but nothing reflects on your CV better than having some work experience at an NGO.

8. Seeds of Humanity are sown: Once you spend some time working for an NGO, your perspective on life will definitely change for better. Throughout the rest of your career, whether or not you keep working for an NGO, you will be more moral and benevolent in your choices.

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