Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Unfolding destiny

At the time of child birth, I couldn't find her twin sister’s head and so mistakenly lifted her upside down; water gushing to her head. 

Stillborn, she was revived but paid a price all her life for she was never normal again. 

When her father died, she bid his coffin goodbye – a loving goodbye to an alcoholic who beat her up day in and day out. 

Her sister missed 2 years of school to raise her twin – taught her to walk, talk, eat and loved her till the world’s end. 

She has finally lost her fight against a fatal disease but her songs and laughter echo in her soft-toyed room and in my guilt that will always hold me.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The sound of music

On a gloomy day as they sit seeing the pitter patter of the rain, they wish they could reverse their son’s 20 odd years. 

His parents have dodged all odds to raise their speechless, differently abled son who can only converse in gestures and faint sounds. 

Mockery has always haunted him, yet he braves it all to prove that happiness transcends words and language. 

His story is that of a struggle which is internal to his being and his family’s expectations of their first son. 

They are still seeing the pitter patter of the rain and wishing to reverse their son’s 20 odd years; and then they see him dancing in the same wet rain, miming a happy song in his eyes.

Friday, 5 April 2013

A lost fable

He was their most cherished ‘special’ gift after their first child passed away; he lived a fable until the dreadful day when daddy’s hand slipped from his and went straight to heaven, taking mummy along. 

At 2 in the morning his window sill was wet with tears as he said ‘daddy will come now’. 

But there’s no one to tell him that daddy won’t come. 

He stood looking at the hospital screaming ‘mummy mummy’ till his sister pulled him away saying ‘she’s not there anymore’. 

Are coffins really buried this deep?